What is the purpose of this Website?

I created this site to share experiences and knowledge. I want to share my passion and allow you to learn as I have been able to through many other IT security blogs. I am mainly interested in offensive security, so you will find mainly offensive content.

Who am I ?

As the site suggests, “_ACKNAK_”. I’m a confirmed Pentester, I especially like the internal network assessment :) However, the content available will not be linked to activities conducted at my employer’s office.

I am part of the Apéri’Kube team, a group of friends who share the same passion. We mainly participate in CTFs, but you can of course meet us at security conferences.

Learning is endless.



The content on this Website is for educational purposes ONLY. Any reproduction of the methods and techniques presented should only be done in isolated, controlled and/or dedicated environments on which you have the necessary authorisations to carry out such actions.